Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I kept a fish, his name was Prune. I loved that little purple pet...

He passed away one afternoon, and filled my heart with deep regret.

Hold on! Come back! Just wait a minute! It's too late now... My fish is gone!

I had a bowl with a Betta in it, but all things pass, and he passed on.

I fear his death is all my fault... I fear I killed my Betta beauty...

I fear his swimming came to halt all due to my neglect of duty.

I fear that my procrastination to cleanse that splendid swimmer's dish

Caused such a sickening situation, it killed my faultless little fish!

I told myself "I'll clean that mess, but it can wait until tomorrow!"

I never did though, I confess, and now my heart is filled with sorrow.

I wonder every now and then, how long would he have stuck around

If things were how they should've been? I wish that time could be rewound!

But the past has now passed, and the fish I loved most

Was defeated at last, and he "gave up the ghost".

I found him floating upside-down on April 1st, the day he perished.

He had no fame or great renown, but in my heart he will always be cherished.

All things here were written, each word, line, and letter,

On behalf of a fish that deserved so much better.

Dedicated to Prune, a good fish.

-By Gideon

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